Travel Guides, Books & Resources

See right side of my blog for useful travel blogs, websites and facebook links.


Travel Guides/Resources:

Europe Through the Back Door, Rick Steves

The Travellers Key to Egypt, A guide to the Sacred Places of Ancient Egypt, John Anthony West (Egypt)

Karen Brown’s Travel Guides

A Guide to Provence, Michael Jacobs (France, Provence)

Travel Books:

River in the Desert, Paul William Roberts (Egypt)

A Year in Provence, Peter Mayle (I don’t like his other books – they are this book resliced and diced… not much new or better) (France, Provence)

Running the Amazon, Joe Kane (Peruvian Andes to where the Amazon empties into the Atlantic)

Serpent in the Sky, John Anthony West (Egypt)

A Thief of Time, Tony Hillerman (Great description of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico)



  1. This is a very helpful list. Makes me feel like planning something soon. Just need to get my new passport.

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