Food and Travel

Some of the great foods I have had in the course of my travels (in no particular order):

  1. Taos, New Mexico: Creme Brulee – a restaurant specializing in desserts. Hard to find one better since.
  2. Paris, France: Creme Brulee (although many poor Creme Brulees can also be found in Paris; Warm Chocolate Croissants;Coquilles St Jacques
  3. Provence, France: Beef stew, lamb stew. One of the best meals I have had was in a little restaurant that looked like nothing from the outside, quaint on the inside, the most flavorful and satisfying combination of tastes and textures in their stews, accompanied with a glass of local red wine. It was like dying and going to heaven.
  4. Turkish Gulet, Turkey: Cherry jam, huge, sweet, juicy peaches
  5. Coimbra, Portugal: White fish dinner while watching an authentic band sing Fado.
  6. NYC, NY: Grilled swordfish – a restaurant no longer in business. They prepared swordfish that was so great, you had to let a bite sit on your tongue and slowly melt into your mouth. I have not enjoyed swordfish anywhere else since because nothing compares.

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