Posted by: baworldtraveler | September 11, 2011

9/11 Reflections – Mine and An Astronaut’s including a View and a Video from Outter Space

September 11, 2001 was a day that preserved memories of both the best and the worst of things. all at the same time.

We all remember that it was one of those rare, perfect September days. There was no humidity. The sky was so exquisitely blue and clear that we all still remember noticing it and appreciating it that morning, a morning that was about touch all of our lives in one way or another. It was the day that marked our new normal. Our cocoons were ripped open, we were shaken into a new reality, and forever unable to return to our previous way of life.

I had been on my way to a meeting in the North Tower that morning but had missed an earlier train. I remember the feeling of shock and  incomprehension I felt when I heard on the radio that the tower had fallen. I was getting a ride out of the city and was at a point on the highway that normally offered a quick glimpse of the Towers off in distance – not that day and never more. I still react every time pass that same point in the highway, 10 years later.

The horrible – we all know of all the tragedies that occurred that day. Lest we forget, the media replays every aspect, round the clock for weeks leading up to and after we mark yet another anniversary. A decade of them. I will not repeat them here.

The best – we all forgot about ourselves and thought of the collective “us”. We became more compassionate and patient. We showed a knidness and gentleness toward others, and took the time to help, to reach out, and yes – to give thanks and be grateful for many things both great and small. We stopped feeling entitled. We did a lot of soul-searching.

Driving in NYC, was surreal. The honking of horns had stopped, even if you didn’t move right away after a red light turned green.

The city was quiet and felt as if it was holding its breath. The sky was still. There was not a plane in the sky for so long that when you saw that first plane after 9/11 – you were startled and you flinched.

I found an interesting article the other day. It is by the only American astronaut in space with an international crew on that day. He shares his reflections. It includes a link to a video that shows what NYC looked like from space.

While I had seen the photo shot before, the article  and video was new. I thought others might want to see it to so click here if you are interested.

Here is the URL in case there ou have a problem with the link.


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