Posted by: baworldtraveler | August 23, 2011

Yes, Tremors from Virginia’s Earthquake Felt in Westchester County, NY.

Well, by now everyone has heard about the Virginia’s 5.9 earthquake that sent tremors beyond New York. It was felt NY to Boston and Ohio. I happen to be working about 30 miles north of NYC . For a moment, I was imagining things. I felt the floor and the table I was working at shaking. I took note of the time – just before 2 o’clock. It lasted less than a minute. Immediately, I wondered it had been due to an earthquake somewhere. The shaking was so faint, I didn’t even bother turning on the news or check the internet to find out.

I received a call from someone near Kingston, NY, located about 2 hours north of NYC. Yes, it had been an earthquake. The person I spoke to didn’t really feel anything,  but said that 10 miles west the tremors were felt more strongly – floors had shaken enough to have some lights swaying.

I remember back in the early ’80’s I felt my first earthquake. It hit early in the morning. I remember there had been quite a jolt, the house shook and there was a loud bang. At first we thought a tree had fallen on the house. Everyone went into the streets and decided that there must have been a major explosion of one of the giant chemical holding tanks in NJ. We were all wrong – later we found out it had been an earthquake.

I also remember a friend telling me a story of being in Mexico when they had a major earthquake. She had been staying on a higher number floor in a major hotel. She told me that the building shook so hard, one of the doors in her room swung open.

Many people still don’t realize it,  but NYC has many fault lines.

For your convenience, I have included below links to many articles about NY fault lines.

Click here for MSNBC Article on NYC quake dangers.

Click here for article about TriState’s Active Fault Lines.  

Click here to see a map showing some of the fault lines.

Click here to read an article about NYC Earthquakes. It has some good links and info about the 125th Street fault line .

Como wants a safety review of Nuclear Power Plant on the fault line.

Click here to see known NY fault lines and tremors from 1677 to 2004. It also has some good links.


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