Posted by: baworldtraveler | August 13, 2011

Worlds Strangest House and Worlds Strangest Automobiles – You Be The Judge!

If you like to see houses that are unique in architecture and history, and rumored to be haunted, then click here to see the video of the strangest house in the world, Korners Folly, located in Kernersville, NC. It hosts an annual car show the strangest cars, clips of which are also shown in the video.

Take 2 minutes to watch the Operation Restoration- Korner’s Folly video. It provides some perspective by including some photos from the time period in which the house was built along with providing a quick glimpse of some of the rooms in and features of the house.

The Korner’s web site offers a 360 degree tour, if you have Quicktime installed.

Link to a copy of  the Southern Living, May 2004, article on Korner’s Folly. 

Links to some articles John Bordsen wrote about Korner’s Folly follow.

According to Wikipedia,

Körner’s Folly was built 1878-1880 by Jule Körner, a grandson of Joseph Kerner, the town’s namesake. It is now a tourist attraction, as a result of its very unusual design and architecture, featuring 22 rooms on seven levels, and 15 decorated fireplaces. It also houses what is said to be the first private Little Theatre in the U.S., dating to 1896. The house has been featured in the New York Times (March 10, 2006), in Southern Living Magazine (May 2004) and in a televised Our State Magazine production, among others. Click on the links to see a picture of Körner’s Folly and one of its rooms. [1] [2]

A model of the house was made into an ornament to represent North Carolina on the White House Christmas Tree in 2001.

Each year during the late spring, downtown streets are closed for a festival known as “Spring Folly.” The event includes rides, county fair food, games, and booths to buy local items. The Spring Folly attracts people of all ages, but it is especially enjoyed by those with young children. The festival usually takes place the second or third weekend in May, beginning Friday night and ending mid-day Sunday.


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