Posted by: baworldtraveler | June 5, 2011

Istanbul – Magical Sight-Seeing and Kid-Friendly Eating

One of the most fabulous cities in the world is Istanbul, otherwise known in history as Byzantium and Constantinople. It is the only city both in Asia and Europe.

Istanbul has such a high concentration of amazing sights that your senses will quickly be overloaded. No matter how long your stay is, you will only be able to touch the surface of all the rich experiences the city offers.

Where else can you take the kids for a boatride in an ancient cistern in the middle of the city? The Basilica Cistern , located near the wonderful Hagia Sophia, offers just such a ride. I met someone from Istanbul who told me that he remembered going to the cistern as a boy. At that time, it was not set up for tourists like it is today. He remembers walking down stairs and getting into a boat to travel through the cistern, the only light coming from lanterns off the front of the boats.

Those who would like to visit Istanbul with their kids, can enjoy magical sightseeing, knowing they will easily be able to feed their children. Turkey has some of the most delicious food imaginable and offers advice for those travelling with their children, by providing tips for kid-friendly eating!


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