Posted by: baworldtraveler | May 20, 2011

Treasure Found in the Attic! What Would You Do?

Found Money!

How often do people find treasure without traveling outside their own property? We all imagine being visited by Lady Luck. What if you found what was considered to be a windfall of cash to you, but you knew it belonged to someone else? Would you keep it or return it?

Your faith in people will be restored after you read the
article about the family that finds $45,000 in the attic and then returns it!. It is one of those situations you hear about every so often. Someone moves into a new house and, usually during a renovation, a hiding place is discovered revealing some sort of treasure or savings. In this case, money that had carefully been rolled, tied up, and saved in an attic was discovered by new owners of the property, first time homeowners. Despite thinking about all the financial problems that could be dealt with in a flash, the person who found the money did the right thing and gave it to the children of the deceased man who had previously lived on the property since 1966.

Hats off to doing the right thing and thinking of others, giving the money to the rightful owners. A truckload of good karma will follow the new homeowners as a different kind of treasure and reward!

Let me know if you have ever found money or something valuable and what you did with it.

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