Posted by: baworldtraveler | May 4, 2011

Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead! Osama Bin Laden is Gone…Can We Move on Now?

I waited to post this until I had a few days to digest the news and see how I felt about it.

I was on my way to a meeting in the World Trade Center that fateful morning on September 11, 2001. Luckily, I had missed a train and arrived in Grand Central Station moments after the first plane hit the World Trade Center. I remember how clear and blue the sky was that day – the perfect autumn day. That image was soon replaced by the horrific images and stories of death and destruction that touched us all. For months the air downtown was filled with tiny bits of debris that you could immediately feel in your eyes; there was a lingering burnt electrical smell in the air, mixed with who knows what soup of toxins; there was the noise of the debris being cleared away night and day; a sadness hung over the city. The news and media coverage about it was endless.

Ten years later, like many on Sunday night, I saw the notice, at the bottom of the television screen, that President Obama was going to be coming on to speak to the nation. I was afraid that something terrible had happened. It was about 20-30 minutes before the news started leaking out, that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Although his death was mostly symbolic, it was a relief to know he was gone.

Osama Bin Laden had been killed and buried at sea. Soon after the news broke, the song from the Wizard of Oz started running through my mind….”Ding, Dong, the witch is dead”. I still can’t get it out of my head. Apropos, the journey to find Bin Laden has had a “Dorothy in Oz” like quality to it at times.

I am glad that we no longer have to wonder where Bin Laden is and how he may be inspiring more actions of hatred. The media had made him bigger than life after 9/11. Bin Laden’s death has been getting round the clock coverage for a few days now. All other news has taken a back seat. Like a pit bull, with a bone he refuses to let go of, the same questions are being asked by every reporter on every channel, hour after hour. I hope they do not continue to give tons of air time to him.

Let’s give kudos to the team that got the job done, kudos to those who kept the mission secret, and kudos to the TV broadcasters for holding back on the news Sunday night until it started leaking out from other sources, and finally, kudos to the President’s decision to NOT show photos of Bin Laden dead. Common sense has prevailed! We do not need to see his gruesome death photos. It will just inflame some and inspire others. Enough is enough.

I always like to see articles from Al Jazeera to get another reporting perspective. Al Jazeera Article on Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Let us focus on the potential for peace, harmony and democracy in the Middle East and around the world.


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