Posted by: baworldtraveler | May 1, 2011

Dog Mothers Rare Twin Bengal Tigers in China

ABC Local Video of Dog Nursing Twin Baby Tigers

After the upbeat mood left by the Royal Wedding in London on Friday, I want to continue with another story of loving and giving, this time, however, it is not about Prince and Princesses, it is about a dog and twin tigers.

Click on the link above to see a video of a dog in China who, in addition to nursing her own pup, took on nursing rare twin Bengal tigers. It is one more touching animal story of an unlikely pairing of animals….. and the unselfishness of a mother to ensure someone else’s babies receive the nourishment needed to survive.

Let’s follow the dog’s example. Reach out to help someone who is struggling or someone who is alone and needs some companionship.

This weekend I helped with a furniture drive for an organization that provides the donated furniture directly to those who need a helping hand. Everyone involved felt so good knowing how many people depend on such services for basic furnishings.

Feel free to come back and comment. Let us know something you did to help a person in need.


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