Posted by: baworldtraveler | April 16, 2011

Are Soaring Gas Prices Restricting Your Travel? See How Prices Compare Around the World

Photo Credit: Ivo Shandor

Route 66 Gas Station ...When Gas Was Afordable. Photo Credit: Ivo Shandor

In 1996 it cost about $12 to fill up the gas tank of my small car. I do not know the exact cost to do the same today because the prices keep increasing every day. I no longer fill up when I have 1/4 of a tank left. I buy $20 to $30 worth of gas at a time. I think a full tank would cost me between $50 and $60 today. The other day a big SUV was filling up in front of me and I stopped watching the fuel pump when it registered $80.

Yesterday, the cheapest price for gas I could find was $4.06 per gallon, there are some places charging over $4.45 (for regular gas). They say it could go up to $5 a gallon or more for the summer.

Gas is even more expensive in other countries. I came across a Kiplinger article that provided some gas prices as of early March. The higher prices are due to high taxes and the LOW prices (in oil-producing countries) are mainly due to subsidies (no surprise).

Here are the average gas prices per gallon as of early March 2011 from highest to lowest :

Turkey $9.96
France $8.29
Japan $6.62
Brazil $5.98
Canada $5.56
Australia $5.41
India $5.03
China $4.54
America (U.S.) $3.72
Iran $1.44
Saudia Arabia $ .61
Venezuela $ .08

Istanbul is one of the most expensive cities in the world to buy gas. In France, more than $4.50 of the $8.29/gallon was from taxes.

Since wages in general are not increasing – I must assume many travel plans are being impacted by such high gas prices.

Let me know if increasing fuel prices have impacted your “travel” plans and if you have any tips or creative solutions you would like to share.



  1. Prices are killing me! I paid $45 to fill my Honda the other day! There is a great app called Gas Buddy that tells you the closest and cheapest gas in your area.
    I guess I shouldn’t complain when the people of Turkey are paying $10 a Gallon!

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