Posted by: baworldtraveler | April 14, 2011

What Video About the U.S. Civil War Anniversary Did AlJazeera Upload?

I probably wouldn’t have realized that this week marked the 150 year anniversary of the U.S. Civil War had I not seen Robert Redford’s interviews for his movie “Conspiracy”, the untold story about the conspiracy around Lincoln’s assassination just days after the Civil War ended.

I searched for videos on the Civil War Anniversary and out of curiosity decided to watch the one that had been uploaded by AlJazeera English.

To look at other videos about the Civil War, check out the website Have Fun with History.

Find more information about the Civil War in Wikipedia



  1. You always find the most interesting things! Who’d have thought Al Jazeera would report on this? Speaking as a born and bred Southerner, it was all about slavery–and slaves were treated as property, which equals money.

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