Posted by: baworldtraveler | April 7, 2011

How Much for a Baby’s United Airlines Ticket? Yours $60, Baby’s $1,280…

Read Absurd: your airline ticket cost $60; your baby’s ticket is $1280. After you read the article, please comment on the post and tell me what you think. When I read that United rejected the traveler’s counter offer to pay for an economy seat and at least be able to check a few more bags (a few dollars more than what the airline was going to charge via their normal policy), I was shocked!



  1. At first I in shock over this. I can understand from Ms. Poon’s point of view how complete crazy it is to pay so much for an infant not ever occupying a seat. However, when you think about it from the point of view of the other travelers you might take a different stance. If I am a business person, who spent full price to sit in business class, and I have to travel next to a screaming infant the entire flight to Hong Kong, I’d be pissed. I think the airline should have given her the counter offer of sitting in coach. (Us coach travelers are use to crying babies! lol!)

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