Posted by: baworldtraveler | March 23, 2011

Destination: Medieval Village of Les Baux-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhone, France)

The medieval village of Les Baux deserves one day on your itinerary for exploring Provence. It is not far from St. Remy, another favorite destination. The views of Les Baux and surrounding Les Baux are simply beautiful, especially when a deep blue sky showcases the limestone cliffs and structures.

Les Baux is a small hilltop commune given over to tourism and a great place to pick up some regional souvenirs like tablecloths, lavender, soaps with various ground regional flowers and spices, and Santons (clay figurines that depict the colorful people, traditional trades, activities and costumes of Provence).

Take caution climbing the ruins on a windy day. Strong winds have been known to pin a tourist or two against the ruin, making it difficult to climb back down! (I speak from experience.)

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