Posted by: baworldtraveler | March 18, 2011

Mullens (Lagos, Portugal) Continues to Make Travel Memories

In the days of travel when you didn’t need to practically strip naked to get through airport security, I was lucky to discover a place that provided and seared memories of a great travel experience into my mind. The country, Portugal. The Town, Lagos. The place, Mullens.

It was off-season, very quiet and low-key. We went to Mullens for dinner and had one of the best evenings ever! The place had a great energy that seemed to bring together a very international group of people (a mini-United Nations). I remember our waitress was from Sweden, and the people at the tables next to us were from the U.K, and Senegal. The details are fuzzy now, but clear are the smiles on everyone’s face as we, strangers just hours before, appeared to be attending the party of a mutual friend.

Even more amazing, while back in Portugal, I ran into a tourist who had just traveled to Lagos. I shared my story about my great experience at Mullens about a decade earlier. I was happy to hear it was still there and still providing the same type of experience to travelers.

So, if you ever find yourself traveling to Portugal’s Algarve, be sure to go to Lagos and check out Mullens… and report back to us!

R. Cândido dos Reis 86
8600 Lagos, Portugal
282 761 281

In the meantime, enjoy the video of Mullens I found on YouTube….


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