Posted by: baworldtraveler | March 16, 2011

Size of Japan’s Quake Surprises Seismologists

Seismologists never expected an earthquake larger than 8 or 8.5 from the irregular fault line in the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire”.  In the U.S. we are about to repeat the same mistake. Experts say that the nuclear sites in California and other states are not at risk of experiencing an earthquake as large as the one Japan just had (8.9).

It seems that the one lesson we should be learning from this disaster, along with ones like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans,  is to plan for and expect the unexpected! If the unexpected doesn’t happen, great! If it does happen, hopefully the damage will be minimized.

Most importantly, we should remember that you can’t beat mother nature!

Quake destruction

Houses lie flattened in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture, Japan. The strength of the 8.9 magnitude temblor has surprised scientists. (Kyodo Reuters) 

See article at,0,2161671.story.


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